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Dianna Tarr is an established artist with several exhibitions under her belt. She specialises in working with the magic fractals that underpin the structures of vegetables and the building blocks of life.  Her work spans visual meditations drawing on these forms to joy fairies and contemplative nudes evolving from the energetic lines of life.

Her current series draws from the structures of Vegetables and contemplates the beauty of these everyday aspects of fresh produce that grace and nourish our souls. This work reflects her anthropological gaze and passion for engaging and educating the broader community on Food Systems and the impacts of our consumption and waste habits.

You can find her work for sale on her Red Bubble page and see the gallery of works on her  Internal Art Facebook page.
Internal Art creates art to inspire the consciousness.
  • Personalised energetic drawings and paintings.
  • Aura portraits.
  • Commissioned works
  • Public murals
  • Sculptural creations