Artists’ bio

Dianna Tarr


As an Australian artist and anthropologist based just outside Melbourne, Dianna has a deep interest in the connection and disconnection of humans with the natural world. Integrating her creative artistic practice with anthropological research, she is pursuing low-tech interactive creative research methods.  Collaborating with other artists, designers and social researchers in an attempt to inspire audiences into a space of joyful play, which then asks them to consider their own personal practices and how they impact upon the natural world.

Dianna’s artwork reflects her sensitive connection to the natural world, portrayed in paintings of flowers and large scale images of vegetables.

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Artists statement:

“I like to explore the relationship that humans have with the natural world, and how these relationships vary across cultures, belief systems and ideologies.  As an artist, yogi and anthropologist, I am deeply interested in how people perceive the world around them, and how in turn the internal realm is reflected externally.”

Dr Alexia Maddox

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlexia is a digital sociologist specialising in community research and digital frontiers. You can find more from her at her blog: or find her on Twitter:

Alexia Maddox (PhD) is a digital sociologist and research consultant with professional affiliations at Deakin University and RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. As a practicing sociologist, her research interests are in the social impacts of new media and digital networked technologies. Her recent book, ‘Research Methods and Global Online Communities: a case study’ with Routledge presents an environmental approach to documenting social experience. She specialises in mixed- methods research practice including the development of surveys, conduct of stakeholder interviews and the conduct of space evaluation.