Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018

So it has been about a month since the festival and we have been busy collating the data. Overall the installation was successful, and it looked great on the festival grounds, it took us a couple of days as a team to get the 7 pods in place….As you can see from the few photos below the pods were interacted with in different ways.  They were also quite stunning in the night, this may explain why there seemed to be more interaction through out the nights.


We had a great time setting them up and talking to people about the purpose behind them.  It was hoped that people would find them visually stimulating objects that they could play with, and once that curiosity was stimulated it was my hope that through the play people would find that there was more to it than just a pretty installation.  Inside each of the pods was information about consumption and waste practices which would lead people to find out more about their own ‘foodprint’.  Then they could check the information board and learn more about their foodprint profile using the icons from the inside of the pods.

We would like to thank the Rainbow Organisers for this opportunity, and the Rainbow cultural arts foundation for offering a small grant for us to make this happen!  Stay tuned for further information and a full write up of the data collected.

I look forward to the next iteration of ‘food for thought’!

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