Arts Seed Pod

Early in 2017 I was interested in getting a creative food mapping project going.  As an artists and anthropologist I wanted to find ways to integrate my creative side with the more academic practice of research.  So with a little help I ended up setting up a small market stall at Ecotopia, a community festival in Yarra Junction.  The aim of the stall was to cultivate interest and conversation about fresh food consumption and waste patterns.  This was the first incarnation of the food for thought project.  I had some extremely interesting conversations, while numerous children and adults took part in creating images of their favorite fruits or vegetables….


The second incarnation of the project eventuated through an Art Rangers Network grant called an Arts Seed Pod.  This version was much more thought out and thanks to Forestedge Stone Gallery, located in Kallista’s permaculture nursery,  I managed to line up an exhibition in conjunction with the project.   This gave me the opportunity to present my recent vegetable paintings within the exhibition while also getting the project up and running.  Using egg tempura and earth ochres on canvas people answered survey questions showing where they sourced their fresh produce and how they disposed of the organic waste.  During this exhibition the Kallista Choir performed several food related songs.  This event was highly successful.

The second event was run at Healesville market on the 5th of November where community members added their information onto the same canvas.  This resulted in the creative representation that you can see below.

The Arts seed pod project was an excellent opportunity to grow the idea and concept, with the support of the Art Rangers Network.  Mandy provided regular contact and conversation that helped to maintain my motivation.

Having completed the Art Seed pod project, my friend Alexia and I began to work on the submission for Rainbow Serpent Festival.  In a short period of time we managed to put together the concept for the new and latest incarnation of the food for thought project.


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