Food for Thought

Where do fresh veggies come from?

When sourcing your fresh food from a retailer, the distance that your food has travelled to you can be difficult to know.  This information is a part of its food-print and good to know when you purchase a product.

Large multinational supermarkets often only label the country of origin on fresh produce. For example, you may find that your strawberries or mango’s might say which state in Australia they are grown, but this tends to be specific to particular fruits or vegetables.

A typical supermarket will provide similar veggies all year round, even outside of their local growing season. This is because they can source them from different regions within Australia and import them from other countries. You might see that your garlic has come from China.

 How far has your food travelled?

Australia imports about 10% of all its fresh food, however considering the size of the country this still means that food must travel vast distances. If for example, you buy oranges imported from the USA or California, that fruit has travelled over 12000km to get to you.

 How much water does it take to produce?

41 litres of water to grow a broccoli,

1 serve of chicken takes 1250 litres of water,

1 serve of steak takes 4660 litres of water

 Where does the waste go?

15-28% of a households greenhouse gas emissions are created by food

x% or $ amount of fresh produce is dumped by supermarkets every year

Food waste is equal to $6 billion a year in Australia


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