Food For Thought is an interactive installation designed to provoke conversations surrounding food consumption and waste. In essence we ask: What is your FoodPrint?

The installation is a collaboration between artist Dianna Tarr, digital sociologist Dr Alexia Maddox and designer Brad Marmion. Together we are passionate about creating this magical installation to provoke conversations around the environmental impact of our food practices.

The ‘Food for thought’ interactive installation offers an inviting space in which festival goers interactively map their own food journey. They do this through engaging in a walking meditation amongst sculptural pods designed to signal places we buy or grow fresh produce and places we dispose of them.

At night these pods glow and by day they settle amongst all-weather-friendly artworks of vegetables based upon fractal principles, the simplest and most complex form of organic structure we eat. This project offers a collaborative creative play space where festival goers can drift across a visual feast of geometric design and sculptural inspiration and bring their experience of food consumption and waste into collective and reflective insight.

FoodPrint Graphic